The 50:50 returns

July 11, 2021

As you settle down to watch one of the sporting events of the century (for English football fans) then try not to think too much of the lottery that is a penalty shoot out.

Instead head to Raiders very own “lottery” page for the Raffall 50:50. You can head to the links at the top of the page or just click here ↓

50:50 7pm Sunday 11th July

As we prepare for this great tournament to conclude the coming week will have a number of announcements as we prepare for a new competition of our own with
season tickets,
more players,
new kit,
new merchandise
and more more more…..

So get your 50:50 and whilst hoping to be the lucky winner remember the rest of you will have contributed to a great event, just like 23 other teams at Euro 2020

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