The Table Topping Tigers are in town

November 23, 2019

It is game day at the Sparkling Sapphire and the Telford Tigers tempt taming and toppling from their perch at the top of the table.

It’s grey and miserable outside so what better reason to get inside the dry warm Sapphire and watch some of the best hockey action you will see this season.

Raiders are on a roll after an impressive display at Milton Keynes and then a tense penalty shoot out vs Basingstoke last Sunday.

If you cannot get there, then the live stream is active as usual and can be seen here ↓

Raiders vs Telford live stream.

We have had a few customers who struggle with the live stream and in particular the obtaining of codes that enable the live stream to be viewed. A few tips from problems we have dealt with before.

1) Dont forget to press “return to merchant” after your Paypal money transfer.
2) Make sure the computer etc you are using does not have two paypal accounts and you are using one and expecting the confirmation email to go to the other.
3) The transaction can take time, so avoid refreshing and if on a mobile make sure you have a solid signal before proceeding. Dropped connections can duplicate payments.
4) Check your spam folder if the code email has not arrived.
5) If the stream freezes dont be afraid to refresh or log in again using the code.
6) If there are issue with the stream freezing / pausing check your local signal strength or internet speed. These live streams are viewed overseas with no issues and a test stream is run in the rink using the same feed you are using and seldom are there problems.
7) Try to get your code a few hours before the game starts. This way there are more chances that the staff running the system will have some time to advise.
8) The Sapphire rink staff are unable to take calls or assist on this service so calls to the rink rarely result in help.

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