This weekend it’s “Live for Five!”

March 22, 2021

Thanks to all our fans and visitors that have joined us for this streaming series. We have learnt a lot, had a lot of stress and plenty of fun along the way and here we are the final weekend of the Streaming Spring Cup.

It’s a late 6-00pm face off on Saturday as the Kebab King Tom Watkins and his Telford Tigers return for their final away game before sampling the belly dancing delights of the Romford high street to ease them into a relaxing chilli inspired sleep back up the M1.

So we are celebrating with a stream at under half the normal price and you still get to read your favourite MNM (match night magazine) which will be emailed to the eager beavers or linked on the tickets of the last minute loafers.

Yep, just a fiver for the combined dulcet tones of DJ Paul Ludlow and commentator Matt Udall as they add some colour to the Sapphire in a way a jeweller could only dream of.

So don’t faff about, get it now before we come to our senses.

Raiders vs Telford, Saturday 27th March 6-00pm

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