Two Raffall draws to be entering this week!

November 17, 2020

After the bonus week and an impressive £250 prize (well done the Kench’s) Raiders head into the week with two prizes up for grabs.

First is our weekly draw for the Sunday night 50:50. This is getting more popular by the week and we will be guaranteeing more of the prize funds as more of you take part. To enter the regular weekly draw and your chance to win over £100 head to the link → Raiders 50:50 week 8

Second on offer is an impressive framed white jersey from the 19/20 season. That is going to make a great Christmas present for someone and the draw is due to take place on 13th December, but for someone it will be a very lucky 13th

To enter the framed shirt Raffall draw then head to the link → Framed Raiders shirt draw

We have lots of fabulous collectibles coming up soon as well and with Christmas just around the corner our merchandise team are now at full speed taking your orders for replica shirts.

We know you guys and gals are not forgetting about us and we are certainly looking forward to being able to welcome you all back into the Sapphire.

In the meantime keep sensible and safe and look after yourself and your loved ones!

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