Two senior coaches confirm their places at the Academy

May 14, 2023

Romford Ice Hockey Academy (RIHA) are delighted to formally announce the first appointments in the recreation of the Junior and Division 1 hockey system.

The first position for the Academy to seek, fill and announce was that of head coach across all the junior age groups. The name is no stranger to the Romford senior system and he has good previous experience heading up a junior system. He also has an excellent pedigree as a successful defenceman and forward player at Romford, Bracknell, Slough and Chelmsford as well as representing his home nation in the World Championships.

We are of course referring to Andrius Kaminskas who’s energetic style was first brought to the UK in the Romford team of 2004/2005 alongside fellow “imports” Power, Amyotte, Marostega, Makikyro, who progressed the Raiders to Coventry that season.

Welcome to Andrius who’s work ahead will be heading up the coaching and management team for the junior age groups in RIHA whilst working closely with the National and Division 1 teams’ coaching and management groups.

Raiders Division 1 team get a new name but keep a familiar coach.

In line with the age group naming policy of all the Romford Ice Hockey Academy  junior teams, we are pleased to reveal that the Romford Division 1 team will now be known as the Buccaneers. Giving a nod to the history within the junior system the name also aligns well with the club’s National division Raiders identity.

And heading up that senior team, for a second season, we are delighted to welcome back the popular and familiar name of Jason Buckman. Jason is coincidentally another with great playing history with the Raiders who excelled as both a forward and a defenceman during his time here.

Jason proved last season that with the resources available to him the team progressed well and we are happy to leave in his capable hands the task of continuing the development of the RIHA students into the senior players like those that did so well last season.

Welcome back to Andrius and Jason, and let the work of continuing to build the junior system commence! With much already going on behind the scenes we are keen to keep these announcements coming.

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