“Wellsy” is back!

July 13, 2021

As the management focus on the defensive ranks again, 23 year old Callum Wells is the latest welcome returnee, with a fifth season beckoning following his return to Romford from Chelmsford. His growing status and willingness to stand up for his team mates is rightfully getting him noticed around the league as well as his year on year improvements and intensly competetive nature.

Last season saw Callum as an ever present on the Raiders D in their Spring Cup campaign, having his best scoring season in senior hockey , with three goals, despite a shortened season and the stronger opposition. Callum has made 122 appearances for the Raiders (94 in league games) for a 55th place ranking in all time appearances, scoring seven goals and 19 assists for 26 points (149th in all time Raiders scoring).

Callum first iced for Romford Hornets at the age of 12, making a total of 40 appearances for Romford Hornets and Buccaneers , scoring 10 goals and 10 assists prior to Rom Valley Way closing.

Callum moved into the Chelmsford junior system before progressing via the NIHL2 Warriors into the Chieftains squad at 17 years of age making 52 appearances scoring 2 goals and 5 assists for 7 points . In addition he made 29 appearances for the Warriors scoring two goals and eight assists. He collected several League, cup and play off medals for Chieftains and Warriors before following coach Sean Easton to Raiders.

During his junior career Callum also played for GB Under 18 winning a world championship bronze medal in 2016.

The Spring Cup was a welcome break from the boredom of a hockey free existence as Callum explained:-

“It was really good to get out and play some games, it seemed as though we hadn’t played for years. It was great to see the boys as well, during the season we spend so much time with each other it was strange not seeing them for such a long time.

“It was just great to be back playing, where we hadn’t played for such a long time all the games were enjoyable and the league was so tough every game was a real challenge for us. Saying that, throughout the spring cup we was really bonding and playing some great hockey as a team.”

As a personal trainer you would imagine lockdown was pretty devastating to Callum’s work, but things improved after the initial problems:-

“Yes it was a struggle but luckily the majority of my clients were happy with online sessions and over the park sessions etc so that really helped out. We have a small gym in our house as well so every day I was training and keeping on top of my own fitness.”

And some philosophy thrown in for good measure:-

“There are always obstacles in life and it’s never going to be easy so you just have to find ways around them.”

On the anticipation of getting a full season underway:-

“100% I don’t want to wish my life away but I really am looking forward to the season starting and having our fantastic fans back in the Sapphire. It was really strange without them being there and not hearing any cheering during the games etc.

“I think we are ready for this season, Sean has made a few great signings which is going to help us out. I feel the spring cup helped us gel together and we was playing some really good hockey so hopefully that is going to roll into the 21/22 season.

“Every team we play are very talented, so we need to be prepared for every team this season and I believe we will have a great season.”

Sean has a lot of faith and expectation from Callum as he explained.

“Wellsy grows in confidence and experience year on year. He is an agile skater quick on his feet and possesses a heavy shot.

“He’s a “team-first” sort of guy that will look out for his team mates.

“I’m looking forward to see another season from him with the added experience of players like Sully (Zach Sullivan) around in the spring cup to see how Wellsy can translate that experience into a new full season. Callum being a PT and a brother of a kick boxer is always in best shape ready to start a long season tomorrow.”

Welcome back Wellsy!

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