Wildcats games to be re-arranged

September 26, 2023

As many will have seen some recent poor weather caused a burst river adjacent the Link Centre in Swindon which has placed the ice rink and pool plant under water requiring significant repair / replacement works.

This will mean that the Ice Rink will be closed for some time preventing home games and training for the Wildcats.

Raiders were due to be one of the early visitors to Swindon on Saturday 7th October which is of course no longer possible. The teams, officials and EIHA have agreed to re-arrange the game on the 7th and play it at The Sapphire, Romford instead. This will be one of the easier re-scheduling excercises that Swindon must arrange because it simply swaps places with our home fixture on Sunday 4th February.

So to recap, the game on 7th October formerly at Swindon is now a home game for the Raiders, played in the Sapphire.
The game on 4th February, formerly at the Sapphire Romford, is now a home game for Swindon, played in the Link Centre, Swindon.

With the need to complete the cup preliminary fixtures early in the season, the two games at the Sapphire on 7th and 8th October will both count towards the league and cup competitions.

Our published fixtures lists and ticketing / streaming will be updated soon to reflect these changes.

We do hope the Wildcats get their facilities back in working order soon and wish them the best with the difficult task of training and playing on the road until the repair works have been completed.

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