News Flash

Thanks for checking in for our next stream for this Sunday 28th February at 5-00pm when we face the Sheffield Steeldogs.

Well we had a bit of an issue or three with our stream last Sunday for which we are really very sorry. As the new kids on the second tier block we were rather proud of the fact we were one of the few teams that had been streaming for a few years and when we get to the big test we failed. We are sorry.

It is not, what we as an organisation or individually, are happy with.

So this week sees a number of additional changes, tests and checks and trials. We may even have a 1p stream mid week to be able to stress test the platform, with your assistance. We need a charge to be able to test the payment platform.

Rest assured, as we have always done since the change in ownership back in August 2015, we are trying to move forward in all areas and expect this to be the kick that our streaming service needed.

Thanks for logging in, and thanks for your continued support.

John Scott

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